"Please stop selling shirts carelessly" wtf are they supposed to interview the people buying them like what does this dude want

you KNOW if he saw a dude wearing it he would not have said anything, he’d assume the guy knew the music, because this is not about music snobbery it’s about men thinking women are fucking idiots, and behaviour like this REINFORCES that belief because this guy will harass and belittle women, finding them to be “wrong” but he will leave men alone ASSUMING that they are “right” thereby providing himself with skewed inaccurate evidence to prove that women are idiots, completing the vicious cycle of misogyny that so many men perpetuate daily but are COMPLETELY FUCKING BLIND TO


literally one of the most annoying things ever. like blame the misfits and other bands for shamelessly selling their band logos/merch to major corp. and etc. and who gives a fuck? someone liked a shirt and it happened to have a band on it or maybe it has sentimental value to it. and apparently you’re entitled to grill them. and this usually happens solely to women. 



If you don’t think the American dub of Sailor moon is a masterpiece then you aren’t no friend of mine